Tapis de Bar Triple Karmeliet
  • Tapis de Bar Triple Karmeliet

Carpet Bar Triple Karmeliet

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Very nice bar mat Bosteels Brewery in Belgium. Bar mat of the Triple Karmeliet brand.


Bosteels Brewery is located in Buggenhout in Belgium. The brewery was founded by Evarist Bosteels in 1791. It is a family business for over 200 breaststroke seven generations.

Brewery brews Bosteels Kwak, the Deus and very famous Triple Karmeliet.

Rectangular in shape, the Karmeliet bar mat will complete your collection. Leave a counter next to your living room or kitchen, and offer you the famous Karmeliet bar mats. Fan of this Belgian beer, nothing like a bar mat with the image of your favorite beer!

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Brasserie Bosteels
Tapis de bar

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Manufacturer: Brasserie Bosteels