Beer Glass Queue de Charrue 33 cl
  • Beer Glass Queue de Charrue 33 cl

Beer Glass Queue de Charrue 33 cl

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Beer glass Queue de Charrue 33 cl from the Vanuxeem Brewery in Belgium. Tulip type glass.


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The tulip shaped glasses keep the beer cool thanks to its foot. The flared edges make it possible to drink the beer under the mousse and thus deeply inhale the aroma of it. This glass is ideal to taste good beer of triple Belgian or old brown type.  

The Beer Glass 33 cl Queue de Charrue is a tasting beer glass in the shape of a flared tulip. This beer glass is ideal for enjoying a beer from the Vanuxeem Brewery such as Beer Tail Triple, Blonde or Brown.  

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Brasserie Vanuxeem

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Manufacturer: Brasserie Vanuxeem