Beer glass Diabolici 25 cl
  • Beer glass Diabolici 25 cl
  • Beer glass Diabolici 25 cl

Beer glass Diabolici 25 cl

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Diabolici beer glass from the Martin's Brewery in Belgium. It is an original beer glass of 25 cl of connoisseur shape on a metal stand.


John Martin, an Englishman, created his first company, John Martin, in Antwerp, Belgium at the age of 23. It was he who had the distribution in Europe of the Schweppes Indian Tonic and the famous Guinness. In 1924 the company John Martin created the brand Gordon Scotch Ale. In the years 1988, the group buys the fruit juices Looza and redinamises the market of Scweppes. In the 1990s, the company bought the Timmermans brewery with the brands it owns as Burgundy of Flanders.

It is a beer glass of very particular shape ... a little in the shape of horn upside down. This beer glass is glass and is held by an iron base.

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25 cl
Brasserie Martin's

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Manufacturer: Brasserie Martin's