Chimay beer galopin

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The Galopin of beer Chimay, straight out of the Trappist Abbey of Scourmont. It is a glass of type calyx of 12 cl of capacity.


Les Galopins are mini-beer glasses. They allow to better appreciate the excellent beuvrage that finds. Indeed with the gallop, there is less beer in the glass, so more bubbles in the beer, more foam in the glass and a fresh beer.

The gallop Chimay is a chicken-shaped chalice. The calyx beer glass is a foot glass designed for high-flavor beers. It is often used for abbey beers and Trappist beers, but not only. The foot keeps the beer cool and therefore protects all the flavors of the beer.

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12 cl
Abbaye de Scourmont

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Manufacturer: Abbaye de Scourmont