Beer glass Lupulus 25 cl
  • Beer glass Lupulus 25 cl

Beer glass Lupulus 25 cl

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The Brasserie des 3 Fourquets brews the Lupulus. The glass of this Belgian beer has a capacity of 25 cl and is balloon shaped. It features the Lupulus beer logo.


The balloon lenses have a shape almost similar to calyx beer glasses, but with closed edges. This beer glass keeps the beer cooler and keeps the aroma longer in the glass thanks to the closed edges.  

The Lupulus beer glass is a balloon shaped glass. It makes it possible to taste an excellent Lupulus Blonde or Organicus brewed by the Brasserie de 3 Fourquets in Belgium. This foot glass has a capacity of 25 cl.  

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Beer balloon
25 cl
Brasserie des 3 Fourquets

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