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Chope Barbar 33 cl - Beer Stein
  • Chope Barbar 33 cl - Beer Stein

Chope Barbar 33 cl - Beer Stein

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Barbar Beer Glass Brasserie Lefebvre in Belgium is a beer glass type. The capacity of this glass is 33 cl


Easier to manufacture than glass, sandstone was used to sample the beers of yesteryear. Stoneware steins is still easily in parts of the East. Today the mugs may be more a style effect, a way to stand out from other beer glass.

The Beer Stein Barbar 33cl is ideal for enjoying an excellent Barbar Barbar Blonde Bock or brewed by Brasserie Lefebvre in Belgium. This stein has a capacity of 33 cl.

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Data sheet

Mug of beer
33 cl
Brasserie Lefèbvre

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Manufacturer: Brasserie Lefebvre, Chemin du Croly, 1430 Rebecq-Quenast, BE